Best Kobe Basketball Shoes

Top 7 Best Kobe Basketball Shoes in 2022

Basketball shoes are a very popular accessory in the world of sports and fashion. But not many people know that they can actually be quite expensive. Shoes in the hundreds range can cause many people to turn away. Fortunately, there are more affordable options out there, and there are quite a few brands that offer cheaper but still good options.

Kobe Bryant has been a big name and a big player in the NBA for the past 20 years. He has had some epic moments in his career and has some of the best basketball shoes in the world. This blog looks back at his career and takes a look at some of his best basketball shoes.

The main reason why these shoes are good is their resilience. These shoes can stand up well to long hours of playing because of the high rubber content. If you are looking for the best Kobe basketball shoes, you should know that not all the products are of the same quality.

Kobe AD is the first time that Nike has ever used Flyknit on the upper of a basketball shoe. With it, Nike was able to decrease the weight of the shoe by 25%. This is a huge step forward in performance footwear.

Our Recommendation For The Best Kobe Basketball Shoes

If you’re looking for the best Kobe basketball shoes, you’ve come to the right place. In order to find the best kobe basketball shoe, there are a few things to consider. We’ll go over the different types of kobe basketball shoes, go through our list of the best kobe basketball shoes, and go over some other options if you don’t want to get the Hyperdunks.

Today we are going talk about the best Kobe basketball shoes. I’m sure you will want to know about the Kobe basketball shoes before you give in to the desire of wearing one. I will talk about the different kinds of Kobe shoes and how you can choose from them.

With Kobe Bryant set to retire, many sneakerheads are starting to wonder what are the best Kobe basketball shoes to buy from his 20 year career. Well we are here to help you out. As the leading experts on the Kobe Bryant shoe line we have compiled a list of the top 7 Kobe basketball shoes to own. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Buyers Guide:

Blindly purchasing a basketball shoe is never a good decision. But it helps to know one or two things about the sport of basketball before you make your final choice. Ask yourself how much money you are willing and able to spend on the pair of shoes that you choose to purchase, as shoes can vary widely in price.

you should consider comfort, support, reliability and durability. You might not know a lot about these things but we do and can help you choose the right pair. Also, do some research about brands before buying them, because different brands have different reputations and different designs to offer.


Your shoe’s performance is important too. Basketball shoes come in various lineups from different manufacturers. Almost any basketball brand has a range that you can choose from each tailored to your style of play. You want performance footwear for basketball, lightweight, with optimum flexibility and traction to keep you on the court and your game right where it should be at all times!

Design and Aesthetics:

Though it isn’t as important as the two above traits, design does matter. Nobody wants to wear their grandma’s shoes out on the court neither do they want to feel like they’re wearing a paper bag that’s five sizes too small. You want your kicks to be attractive and represent your style as much as they can. Once you have the other traits in order, pay attention to how they look!

Comfort and Stability:

Basketball is a fast-paced game that puts an immense amount of stress on your feet. Therefore, it’s vital you choose the right type of shoe for long games which provide plenty of padding to protect and cushion your feet from any undue stress or strain.


The sole is where you’ll feel the “spring” in these kicky kicks from Athletic Propulsion Labs (we promise we’re not paid spokespeople, but our friends can attest that these things are wicked awesome). The Torsion ‘Y’ bar provides solid arch support for powerful stride, and an anatomical midsole/outsole design takes care of the rest.


Most people who switch from formal to casual footwear end up buying these shoe types at some point. The quality is comparable to their more pricey counterparts. And even if a pair is worn out, you’ll only have spend a little bit of cash on a replacement pair which are quite readily available, in fact shopping online makes it easier than ever!


The shoes fit true to size. While it’s not ideal for everyone, there are also sellers on Amazon who allow you to order a half size smaller than your actual foot-size usually because people tend to buy shoes that are too big and then regret it later.

Nike Kobe 6 Protro

Nike Kobe 6 Protro

Nike’s Kobe 6 Protro Basketball Shoes for men provide a great combination of cushioning, traction and flexibility, giving you the edge over your competition. These shoes are made from lightweight and breathable materials with a quick-drying injection-molded nylon plate, giving you a lightweight and flexible platform that can keep up with your agility.

Nike’s newest innovation, the Nike Kobe 6 will have you ready for any game, any time. The Kobe 6 is powered by the lightweight and durable Nike Hyper fuse upper that delivers maximum flexibility and support. As you push off the ground, the Nike Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and heel absorbs impact and propels you forward while the Phylon foam midsole with heel-strike pod delivers consistent cushioning.

Nike’s Kobe 6 Protro is a basketball shoe that is a blend of the balance and explosive power that is the hallmark of a great athlete. It features Nike Zoom Air cushioning in both heels and a solid rubber outsole for traction that enables you to perform at your best. The Nike Kobe 6 Protro is built with a comfortable inner sleeve and a lightweight upper design that lets you feel the court as you move.

  • Amazing traction
  • Providing balanced cushioning
  • Material that is flexible
  • Break-in is needed

Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit

Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit

With an innovation that changes the game, the Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit is set to advance athlete performance and style. The innovative Nike Fly knit upper delivers a natural fit and feel, while Fly wire technology delivers dynamic support. An ultra-lightweight, responsive Nike React foam foundation adds comfort, while the newly-developed heel counter creates a lockdown fit.

Designed to connect the foot and court in one fluid motion, the Nike Kobe AD NXT Men’s Basketball Shoe provides a supportive, sock-like fit. Its one-piece mesh upper with Fly wire cables and Dynamic Fit technology wraps the foot for a locked-down feel. A dynamic midsole offers lightweight, responsive cushioning.

A herringbone traction pattern delivers true multidirectional traction, and the Nike Zoom Air heel unit propels you forward. Nike’s Kobe AD NXT FastFit is a performance basketball shoe that many users love. Several reviewers noted that the shoe’s traction is durable and extremely effective. The Nike Kobe AD NXT FF is a great performance basketball shoe, several owners assert.

  • The Nike Kobe AD NXT FF is a great performance basketball shoe, several owners assert.
  • Some say the Kobe AD NXT 360 has a more durable traction than the shoe.
  • Most testers praised the Kobe AD NXT FastFit’s excellent traction.
  • It’s quite expensive to purchase the Nike Kobe AD NXT FastFit

Nike Kobe AD Mid

Nike Kobe AD Mid

There are lots of reasons to love the system that Nike has developed for quick cuts and sharp stops. The no-sew aesthetic isn’t our favorite look, but it’s a nice contrast to the Fly knit woven uppers. The “Volt” colorway looks as good as it does as it feels underfoot, which is great. Support is on-point for this type of shoe. Fit is also great, with a good amount of wiggle room in the forefoot.

An intricate web of Fly wire cables wraps the foot, adding stability and strength where needed. A Nike Zoom Air unit in the heel adds cushioning and spring, while the midfoot shank provides torsional rigidity. The midsole is soft yet firm, the perfect balance. The outsole is made of a grippy rubber compound that is built to last.

The Nike Kobe AD Mid Men’s Basketball Shoe helps you take control of the court with its supportive comfort that lets you go full speed. Its Dynamic Fly wire cables wrap your forefoot for a secure fit that moves with you. The shoe’s innovative construction with hexagonal-shaped cushions provides breathable support and stability. The shoe’s Lunarlon midsole is lightweight and responsive for a soft, springy feel.

  • Beastly traction
  • Designed to be lightweight and responsive
  • Great impact protection
  • Stability and solid support
  • Not suitable for outdoor play

Nike Kobe 5 Protro

Nike Kobe 5 Protro

Nike Kobe 5 Protro Basketball Shoes produce a low-profile look on the court, but with responsive cushioning and explosive support for the high-performance maneuvers players make during play. Traction pods are strategically placed on the forefoot to provide grip during explosive cuts. The Nike Hyper fuse upper provides support, comfort and durability like no other.

Quickly change directions without losing traction or control with the Nike Kobe 5 Protro basketball shoe. The rubber outsole features a waffle pattern for extra traction, while the low-top silhouette offers flexibility upon impact. A springy forefoot, mesh upper, and padded collar offer a supportive fit.

Nike’s newest Kobe basketball shoes are a brand-new kind of sneaker for the NBA superstar. The Nike Kobe 5 Protro basketball shoe has a minimalist design and dynamic, springy feel that make it the lightest Kobe shoe ever. Its no-sew construction is made with lightweight, breathable materials that help keep players fluid on court.

  • Traction
  • Springy forefoot
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Dust-prone outsole

Nike Kobe A.D. NXT

Nike Kobe A.D. NXT

The Nike Kobe A.D. NXT Men’s Basketball Shoe is designed to perform at the highest level. Its upper layer is made of breathable mesh and is equipped with Flywire cables and Dynamic Flywire technology, which provide support and stability through the midfoot. A rubber outsole delivers traction and durability, and an inner sleeve cradles the foot for a sock-like fit.

Designed for the athlete who needs support and security without the added weight of a hard shelled shoe, the Nike Kobe AD NXT Men’s Shoe will help you get a quick burst of speed on the court and stay there with its lightweight, low-cut design. while a full-length rubber outsole with hexagonal traction pattern for high-speed cuts delivers lightweight cushioning and durable traction.

The Nike Kobe AD NXT Men’s Basketball Shoe delivers lightweight performance in a superior fit. The upper is made from engineered mesh that is both breathable and supportive, and a compression-molded midfoot saddle provides a snug, supportive fit. Full-length cushioning and a solid rubber outsole with a hexagonal traction pattern enable high-speed cuts.

  • Good traction
  • Upper layer that is breathable
  • Phenomenal fit
  • Lockdown that is intuitive, quick, and secure
  • Wide feet should not wear this

Nike Kobe 1

Nike Kobe 1

The Nike Kobe 1 is a basketball sneaker designed by Jason Petrie and worn by Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. Released in February 2009, it was the first signature sneaker under Bryant’s new five-year, $45-million shoe deal with Nike. Bryant selected a number of features for his sneakers, including a high ankle, unique lacing system, and a high-top cut that provides ankle support.

The Kobe 1 was also the first footwear to feature Nike’s Zoom Air technology, a cushioning unit which is also used in all other signature models made after the Nike Zoom Kobe I. The shoes weigh approximately 480 grams (16 oz) and have an internal shank built into the midsole, designed to provide extra support.

The Nike Kobe 1 is a great addition to any sneaker collection. It is a versatile shoe that can be worn with jeans or shorts. The traction on the sole is good and it works well on different surfaces. The leather is thick and makes the shoe durable. The shoe is very comfortable, but it is very heavy.

  • Balanced cushioning
  • Footwear that looks good on feet
  • Excellent traction both indoors and outdoors
  • The lightweight cushioning of Lightstrike

adidas KB8

adidas KB8

The adidas KB8 is a soccer cleat made to meet the needs of wide feet. The upper layer is made of a grippy material that does not absorb water, so the fit will not change. The tongue is made up of multiple pieces of leather to create a lockdown that is intuitive, quick, and secure. The sole is made of hard plastic and provides good traction on firm ground. Wide feet should not wear this shoe.

The Adidas KB8 Men’s Basketball Shoe is made with superior materials to provide superior comfort. The upper layer is breathable, and the bootie, which is revolutionary for the company, hugs the foot with a phenomenal fit. The lockdown is intuitive, quick and secure, giving you an easier time spotting holes in the defense for buckets.

The adidas KB8 Men’s Basketball Shoe is an excellent option for those seeking a classic basketball shoe or those who are looking for a minimal pair of sneakers. These shoes feature a lower cut and have excellent traction that is built to last. The synthetic upper is breathable, lightweight and comes with a snug-fitting ankle collar. The rubber sole features an ollie bend that allows propulsion, which is important to any basketball player looking to improve.

  • Traction is good
  • Leather is a nice material
  • Very durable
  • It is extremely heavy


Many people who are very much interested in getting these shoes have different reasons for doing so. Some are interested in the design and the style, some for the warm feeling and comfort of the shoe, and some for the cool colors and graphics on the shoes. The Kobe basketball shoes are a must-have for basketball lovers and players.

Kobe is an American basketball player who has played a major role in the development of the sport. When he was playing, he wore a pair of Nike Kobe basketball shoes at the time. Ever since he retired, there were new designs of Kobe Basketball Shoes released. The Kobe shoes were originally released in 1996. Since then, Kobe Bryant has worn a variety of different basketball shoes.

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