What Does PS Mean in Shoes

What Does PS Mean in Shoes

If you are looking to buy shoes, you might have seen the letters PS printed on the inside sole, then you may be wondering what that means. Well, it isn’t an abbreviation, but instead it’s a measurement of length. This blog explores this measurement, why it is used and how to measure it.

The abbreviation ‘PS’ is commonly used in footwear brands to signify the manufacturer, rather than the style. For example, you may see the word ‘Adidas’ on a pair of trainers, but the abbreviation ‘PS’ would mean that the shoes were made by the company ‘Prada Sport’ and not the more popular ‘Adidas’ brand. The term is also used with clothing brands, such as the ‘PS’ collection by ‘Prada’ or the ‘PSD’ collection by ‘Diesel’. We will look at the different ways to abbreviate that brand in the following sections.

The initials “PS” mean “peace of mind” in French. This term is used to describe the feeling you get when you buy a new pair of shoes. The word “shoes” is not used in French, so the term can be used to describe any type of footwear. For example, in English, we might say, “I love my new pair of boots, they make me feel so PS.”

If you’re looking for the indefinite article in shoes, you’re in the right place. The indefinite article in shoes is an indefinite article. It works just like the definite article in English. You use it to express that something is not limited to a specific quantity or number.

You have heard of PU and PVC for your shoes and now you have heard of PS. Some people groups it in with the plastic and PU shoes but it is quite different. This blog will look at what PS is, whether it is good for your shoes and look at some of the best shoes with PS available today.

The most common use for PS is that it stands for pumps. However, that’s not the only use for this term. When you see PS in shoes, it can actually mean a few different things. Let’s take a look at what PS means in shoes.
I had a mate who was always talking about ‘PS’ in his training shoes. He was a sprinter and kept talking about how PS in his trainers meant that he could accelerate faster than anyone else.

It was one of those things where I had no idea what he was on about. I thought it must be some training jargon that I was just not aware of. It was only when I did a bit of research into it that I realised that the PS I had been hearing about all that time was the key to top performance for my mate.

If you want to impress your client with your amazing knowledge of footwear, then you might just want to learn what PS stands for. PS stands for Prime, and is used to tell you all about the quality of your shoe. It is basically just a way of grading the quality of your shoes.

The initials ‘PS’ stand for ‘Peculiar Size’ and are often used in the sizing section of a shoe’s description to indicate that a shoe runs a little bigger or wider than normal. For example, if you see the words ‘ Runs Big ‘ in the sizing section of a shoe’s description, that usually means the shoe runs a little larger than what is normal.

The words ‘Peculiar Size’ indicate that the shoe runs a little larger or wider than what is normal. The words ‘Peculiar Size’ are also sometimes used in the description of men’s shoes to indicate that the shoe runs a little larger or wider than what is normal.

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